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Wed, October 22, 2014

New apple FIZZES when bitten into!

It's apple-eating season and if you're looking for something a little different a Swiss company called  Lubera has created an apple that fizzes in your mouth.  The apple, called "Paradis Sparkling" releases juices that are like carbonated beverage.

The new breed of apple has taken years to perfect. Two varieties of German apples were used to breed the new apple.

Want your own?  Lubera sells sapling trees through mail order for $55.

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Ty Collins's Bio
Name: Ty Collins

Birthplace: Undisclosed Location, WI

Favorite piece of technology: The sundial in my back yard.  Much more convenient for telling time than pulling my cell phone out of my pocket all the time.

Favorite social network: Facebook

Favorite TV show: Sunday Night Football

My three biggest fears are: (1) Meeting Randy Jackson in person and having him say to me "What Up Dawg?", "Yo dude...Check it" and "You're in it to win it," (2) Taylor Swift writing a song about me, (3) Encountering actual  "Angry Birds"

If I could do anything and money didn’t matter, I would: Hmm...tough one.  Something to do with beer, someplace warm and a swimming pool.
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