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Sun, October 18, 2015

Local Boy with HUGE Talent

So lucky to know this guy!!! Grant Kratzer, is my best pal in the entire worlds son! He is a true adventurer and lucky for us he is also very ARTISTIC!!!!!!!!!  He takes us on adventures all the time through his art and it just keeps getting more and more incredible!!!! Here is his latest! LOVE IT so much I thought I would share it with you!!!

His website for more great work is

Enjoy! Plus there is more to come and YUP I will keep sharing it!!!!

Always support artists they eventually become our historians.


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Doug's Bio
Name: Doug Erickson

Shift: Mary Love's Morning Chauffeur

Birthplace: St. Paul, MN

Favorite piece of technology: iTunes...makes DJ gigs a lot easier and way more fun!

Favorite social network: Lambeau Field Parking Lot!!!

Favorite TV show: Ultimate Fighter, Blue Mt State, and guilty pleasure Desperate Housewives.

My three biggest fears are: Hearing the record fade while I'm still in the bathroom, death (that fear probably should have been first), and someday having to get a real job.

If I could do anything and money didn’t matter, I would: Sail a boat from the East coast through the Panama Canal and then continue on to Hawaii.

One weird fact about yourself: I was in several hair bands that almost made it big in the 80's!

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Twitter:  @dougandmarykz
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Mary's Bio
Name: Mary Love

Shift: Mornings

Birthplace: Neah Bay, Washington

Favorite piece of technology: iPhone it!!

Favorite social network: Facebook (I am on it every morning so say hi!)

Favorite TV show: GLEE! Project Runway, Sweet Genius, Cupcake Wars...

My three biggest fears are: I am afraid of small spaces, I hate Halloween (because it is scary), and black olives....they gross me out!

If I could do anything and money didn’t matter, I would: I would do an Ironman every year!

One weird fact about yourself: When I was a kid people used to make fun of my voice.
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