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Tue, September 2, 2014

Nude Celebrity Photos.

How much overtime do you think company spam filters and virus protection programs are doing today after the leaking of many celebritys' naked photos?  It's all over the news, and I'm sure many people have gone to look at these pictures.

It's a shame - for several reasons:

1)  These people took naked photos of themselves to begin with.  Do you not have some doubt in your mind when taking these type of photos that somehow they will get put into the public realm?

2)  That people would seek out these photos online when they heard that they were there to see.  Can't we give these celebrities their privacy?  They're moms, daughters, aunts, uncles.  If they want to show us their bodies, that's their decision.  This was not.

3)  THE WORST PART - how can we trust Apple (and because of Apple, Google, etc) anymore.  I don't know about you, but my phone automatically backs photos up to "The Cloud" on my Android.  I'm sure I can turn this off, but I don't know how.  If these companies claim the "The Cloud" as a safe place to store our stuff, they better deliver!

The United States is going to crash soon for one of two reasons:

A) A financial crisis - most of us are living WAY beyond our means and our government cannot seem to keep money from leaving the U.S. due to "loop-holes" in the tax code.  (Read up on Inversion - scary stuff.)

B) All of our data will be stolen by a foreign country and they will lock us down.  Everything we do is on "the net."  Eventually that's going to bite us in the butt.

Okay, I'm done.  Thanks for reading if you did.  Now listen to upbeat, happy music on KZ.  I appreciate it.

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Dayton Kane's Bio
I was born at a really young age in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and have lived here my whole life.  (If you don’t include the 3 years I spent in Missouri.  It’s a long story.)  I grew up in a time when mullets and lines shaved into the side of your hair wasn’t only acceptable, it was cool.  Yes, I owned Hammer AND Parachute pants.  I have gone ballistic on a pair of jeans with a brush and some bleach.  Growing up in a time when Hairbands, Boy Bands and Rappers all were played on the radio ON THE SAME STATION made me what I am today!  I’ll let you be the judge of what I exactly am when you listen to me on KZ104.3 from 2-6pm each weekday.

I can tell you that my wife Tracy and our kids, Kylee and Jacob, are probably wishing I wouldn’t have said whatever it is I’m going to say on my next show.  They love the perks they get (concerts, shows, all the free music they want, etc), but often get embarrassed by me – especially if I burst out into song.  {I’m SINGIIIINGGG!!  I’m on the radio and I’m SIIIIINNGGGGIINGG!}  And yes, I love the movie ELF and AMERICAN GANGSTER.  I can’t wait for them to combine the two into a Broadway musical.  If you ever have questions about anything at KZ104.3, don’t hesitate to ask.  I actually ANSWER my e-mails.  Crazy right?!?!
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