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Tue, October 21, 2014

I have a Big Bang Theory life.

Hi.  Thanks for stopping by.
As the title mentions I had a Big Bang Theory moment in that my wife asked me if I was going to open something because it was “collectible”.
To celebrate our wedding anniversary and the 75th of our house we (I) got the deluxe Blu-Ray of Gone With the Wind because neither of us has seen it all the way through and it was a way to honor the house.

Well it finally arrived (and now we need a month to watch just the movie) and there is a sticker on it with the number out of however many were made (a lot in my opinion). 

That lead to the question of whether or not we were going to open it because it was “mint in un-opened box”.  Of course I thought my wife Susan was joking, but she followed it with the mention of all the other items that were in that condition sitting around collecting dust.  She broke first and said she was joking but for a second I thought she may be serious…about all my “collectibles”.  It just leads me to think what is collectible anymore.  Just because there is a number on something doesn’t mean it’s going to be worth something.  Even Leonard opened up his Star Trek transporter toy because Penny wanted him to.  I’m not at that level but it was just another situation where I think I’m living in a show, and got the Hot Chick too.
Tonight it’s time to tear off the wrapper and spend some of our free nights (until Easter) watching a classic.  But first, a stop to see if I can get a Breaking Bad action figure.

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Bryon Taylor's Bio
Well, if you’ve made it this far you are either bored silly at work, or a relative making sure you aren’t mentioned in this brief, tell all bio.

I was born in the land of Bratwurst (not Germany) and Torke Coffee (not Brazil or Africa) and at a young age fell fast in love with all things radio.  My first memory of being a DJ  was setting up a tape recorder in front of our stylish console stereo and playing 45’s (those are the smaller size records, you do know what I’m referring to right) and talking in between while switching them.  I’m glad technology has improved in some areas over the year.

In High School I got licensed to be on the air before I could drive and it’s been a fun journey from that time, through college (UW Oshkosh) right up to now at KZ1043.

My life always seems to somehow revolve around radio.  My favorite case in point: I met my wife through a friend who was in radio as well.  She works in the industry too and should probably be on the air instead of me, but my face is better suited for radio.

In my spare time I love taking pictures of everything from our cat Lady Penelope (who’s been in both the Bad Cats and Page-A-Day calendars) and our African Grey Parrot, Samurai (who appeared in a cat calendar as well, yes you read correctly).  I also love long walks on the beach, fresh flowers…sorry, had to do that.  The thing I love about being part of KZ1043 is the music I get to listen to and PLAY.  I really love all kinds of music, however my overall taste is grounded in the 80’s and early 90’s, Depech Mode, Duran Duran, Asia, B-52’s…I could go on, but chances are that another one of my favorite bands is on right now.  So with that, I’ll join you in stopping this and turning on the radio.  Sorry if this is too much information, I tried to warn you.  It could be worse; I could be blogging about things you really don’t care about such as my favorite movies like Star Wars (Nerd Note: the original 1977) or Die Hard and TV shows which include Archer and Big Bang Theory, but I’d rather spend my time with you on the radio.
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