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Wednesday, Oct, 22 2014

You have to do this next year! I have never had more fun with these crazy ladies!!! I had a KZ RADIO TEAM and we had some serious fun!!!!! All the money went to the Harbor House!!!

The Warrior Princes Mud Run 2014!!!! I am so in for next year! How about you??

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Never Give UP!

Tuesday, Oct, 21 2014

One of the biggest lessons I thought I was teaching my kids was to never give up on your dreams, but it turns out they teach me that every day! Cole, our oldest, stood on the sidelines of the football field his senior year. He did play some and had  a touch down and a few other great moments but it certainly wasn't the year he thought he was going to have, it wasn't the year he thought he had worked so hard to achieve. He went on to play football at Lawrence University and he worked so hard all summer getting up everyday at 5am to do these insane workouts. I literally have never seen anyone work harder in my life! Turns out he is having the best football year. Making huge plays, starting every game, and is a huge part of this amazing group of guys. Now Lawrence has not had a ton of success over the years but this year they are having a little bit!! A few wins and even more importantly they are becoming amazing friends. I can't tell you how many times I thought to myself, he should just stick with baseball...so much football heartache over the last few years!!!! Broken bones, broken hearts and so much disappointment!!!  But it was his DREAM, and I can tell you this guy NEVER gave up!!!! Some times you learn the best lessons from your own kids!

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Bras Across the Fox 2014

Friday, Oct, 17 2014

This event is amazing! What started as a stunt when Doug and I were doing the morning show on Kiss FM...turned into a huge all day event for four straight years!!!!!! Three bridges this year annd two radio stations!

Thank you everyone for helping!!! What a great day to celebrate women! Why not?!?!? Women ROCK!!!

posted by: Doug and Mary 7 days ago Comment On This Post

Reveal Fitness Rocks!

Thursday, Oct, 16 2014

Week two out of 10 at Reveal Fitness! I am seriously digging this place! I have had so many excuses as to why this type of work out would NOT work and I guess I am proving them all wrong! LOL!!!!

My list of awesome excuses:

Work out before work? Really? But I do a morning show I can't do that...proved that wrong!!!!!!!

Oh I don't want to do strength because it affects my training for Ironman and the Birkie....WRONG!!!!! Yes, I will admit some of my workouts later in the day have been challenging but I am getting so much stronger that I am getting better at running, biking and roller skiing.

I also never wanted to do a work out like this because I "Didn't want to get injured!" Which is serioulsy hilarious because I am always injured!! I am super clutsy and that wont change. I think I will be LESS injured because Walt and Damion are soooooo awesome about proper technique!

Ok I am officially out of excues and I am seriously enjoying the work outs!!!


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Have You Ever Failed at Something?

Wednesday, Oct, 15 2014

Fast and Female is a group of World Class Cross Country skiers who put on clinics for young girls. It is of course about skiing but it also about being a strong and beliving in your slef!!!! Olympic Skier Kikkan Randle was asked this question at her latest clinic:

“Did you ever try really hard to do something and fail?” This came from Garvee Tobin, Nora Miller and Carl Tobin’s daughter. None of the athletes responded right away.

“I can give you an example of that,” Kikkan offered. “Last winter I competed in my fourth Olympic games and for the first time, in Sochi, I was favored to win gold, something no American woman had ever done in my sport.” Kikkan explained how she would have to place in the top three spots in each of the quarterfinals of her best event, skate sprints, in order to move up to the finals and compete for a medal. She wasn’t worried going into the first quarterfinal, not even with the mushy snow conditions from the unseasonably warm weather. Kikkan described the race in vivid detail, the feeling of relief when she made it around a tight curve that had caused her to wipe out in a practice run, how the hill that followed put her ahead of the pack (“I’m pretty good on hills,” she said with a grin) and how she was in her top gear, pounding toward the finish with everything she had when she saw two shadows approaching on either side of her. The competition was closing in.

Fast and Female-101“I dug in deep,” she said, “I tried to find a higher gear but I had nothing more in me.” She made it across the finish line, wobbly, light-headed, and with no idea how she had even done. It was a photo finish, in fact, and Kikkan came in fourth, 5/100th of a second behind the racer who beat her for third place. The reporters were in Kikkan’s face immediately with cameras and microphones, demanding to know how she felt.

“I wanted to melt into the snow,” she told the 200 girls sitting spellbound in front of her. She not only failed to win gold in Sochi or even medal in her best event, she had failed to make it past the first quarterfinal.

“The dream of gold kept me going for twelve years. Four times I went for it. Four times I didn’t get it. I know I gave it everything I had. I know I gave it my best. And I could have called it a season at that point,” she told them. “I could have gone home for the first time in four months.” But she didn’t. She stayed in Europe for three more weeks, and went on to earn her third World Cup Sprint title.

“I didn’t win the gold medal. But I came home with the crystal globe. When you fail, there’s always another race. There’s always something more. So keep fighting,” she said. “You have two voices in your head. Turn down the volume on the voice that says ‘no’ and crank it up on the voice that says ‘you can do this!’.”

I love that! Turn down the volume on the voice that says NO!!!!!!!! That fits with anything in your life! Listen to the voice that says YES!

This made my day!


posted by: Doug and Mary 9 days ago Comment On This Post