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Thu, October 17, 2013

Impress Your Boss!

It's ALWAYS a good thing to impress your boss.  As long as you don't cross the line between impressing them and OUTSHINING them.  Even though, deep down, you KNOW you'd do their job better.

Here are eight SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN ways to impress your boss, based on the results of various studies over the past few years . . .

1.  Wear red to show you're focused, committed, and trustworthy.
2.  Get to work earlier than your coworkers.
3.  If you're a woman, wear makeup.
4.  Have "executive presence" . . . which means confidence, calmness under pressure, and decisiveness.
5.  Don't negotiate face-to-face . . . subordinate people perform better and show more skill in non-face-to-face negotiations.
6.  Don't help your coworkers too much . . . you end up getting overloaded and can't perform as well on your own work.
7.  Smile a lot.

And, this last one is a weird one...

8.  Have sex at least four times a week . . . that leads to higher self-esteem and happiness, which translate to better work.  That doesn't mean have sex with your BOSS at least four times a week . . . although maybe that WOULD impress them?

(Business Insider)